Consulting services of APK-Inform Agency


Consulting services represent the unique product that meets individual customer requirements, reflecting the specific character of the market or its segment. Each study includes not only the general assessment of the current period, but also medium and long-term forecasts of development.


Main direction of consulting services of APK-Inform Agency:


  • Information about enterprises of the agricultural complex

  • Statistics of production and processing of agricultural products

  • Price monitoring

  • Statistics on foreign trade with grains, oilseeds and their by-products

  • Characteristics and volumes of transshipment in the sea ports

Market reviews

  • Markets of grains, legumes, oilseeds and by-products

  • Separate segments of cattle-breeding sector

  • Markets of material and technical resources

  • Logistics

  • Markets of fruit and vegetable production


Geography of Studies: Russia, Ukraine and separate regions of the countries, the countries of the EU, North Africa and the Middle East.

During the recent three years, APK-Inform Agency provided over 70 complex and specialized studies both for individual orders of Ukrainian, Russian, and foreign customers, which mainly represent large-scale investment and production trading companies, and also the planned Multi-client studies. According to the type of information, studies are divided into quantitative and qualitative studies.

Format of the services - electronic, PDF, disk write

Language of the services - Russian, Ukrainian or English


You can get the additional information concerning the studies of APK-Inform Agency, and send the request for individual studies to the following form:


To find out more about multi-client studies


Elena Nikitina -, +38 0562 32 15 95 (ext. 115);

+7 495 789 44 19 - multichannel