Multi-client studies

Multi-client studies



Studies 2014

  • Market of the main oilseeds (sunflower seed, rapeseed, soybeans). Forecast of prices in the short-term prospect with the following update

Studies 2013

Studies of 2012

  1. Research of the production of agricultural crops in Ukraine

  1. Analysis of the Ukrainian market of soybean and its by-products

  1. Sowing campaign 2012-2013

  1. Market of niche crops (sorghum, peas, chick-pea, mustard-seed, oilseed flax and others) of Ukraine

  1. Updated version of the study of the infrastructure of grain/ oilseeds market

  1. Regional portrait of Agricultural complex of Ukraine. Where and what for to invest?

Studies of 2011

Studies of 2010

  • Preferences of flour milling companies of the North Africa and the Middle East

  • Investment estimation (the estimation of investment plans of Ukrainian farmers, twice a year)