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High oleic sunflower market – ambitious, but prospective!



Vegetable oil production faces the stable growth, but at the same time a lot of companies consider the quantitative and qualitative parameters while producing veg oils, sun oil in particular. High olein content sun oil production is owing the popularizing of the health nutrition in the developed countries, and also the demands of fat-and-oil industry in more qualitative oil. Thus, Sergey Buth, the Head of the South-Eastern business-region of Syngenta company to tell about the high-oleic sunflower.


- At first please tell us about the features of the high-oleic sunflower and its advantage of the standard one.

The advantage of high-oleic sunflower is large in comparison with the usual one. As for biological features, its main difference is the presence of the oleic acid in the seed which has very useful for human health. The seeds can be stored longer, the process of combustion is slower in comparison with the usual one.


- How does the cost of the usual and high-oleic seed grain differ?

Actually the cost is the same, and if farmers buy the domestic crop protecting agents, there is the package offer which allows to save funds. The details are provided by our distributors.


- What are the stage of production and realization of high-oleic sunflower associated with the highest risks?

We developed the documents with the information allowing to produce high-oleic content sunflower crop (the level is up to 82% when the farmer gets the bonus). All the regional representatives of the company have this information and are ready to provide it while supporting our agricultural producers. The major moment to be taken into attention – preventing of mixing of high-oleic content seeds with the classic one during all the stage of production – from planting to the elevators.


- Do you provide consulting for agricultural producers how to grow high-oleic content sunflower?

To date we are the only company providing full support of our agricultural producers. Including the holding of planned winter seminars presenting the high-oleic content seeds production during the planting and vegetation stage. Moreover we have certified specialists able to make the express-analysis for oleic acid content in the enterprise. It is free of charge.


- Syngenta technologies impact the Ukrainian sunflower industry growth in common and high-oleic content sunflower in particular. Please provide the details on the issue.

As for industry of sunflower in Ukraine, Syngenta is the leader in Ukraine and in the world. To date most oblasts of Ukraine the share of sunflower hybrid Syngenta total nearly 45-60% of the planted areas. We consider it is a high rate.


- What is your estimation of the high-oleic content sunflower planted areas in Ukraine in 2013 and forecast for 2014.

According to our estimation the high-oleic content sunflower planted areas total nearly 150-170 thsd ha. But nearly 50% of the stated areas are used as the usual sunflower. The forecast is the following: we would like to increase the high-oleic content sunflower planted areas by 30-40% to be grown for high-oleic content sun oil production.


- What is it necessary to do in order to improve the attractiveness of high-oleic content sunflower production?

To date the major problem is the farmer's distrust on getting the bonus while selling the marketable sunflower. So all our efforts and the partners-processors', purchasing seeds, will be directed for improving the farmers' trust as for bonus receive.


- Does your company cooperate with the agricultural producers or with the processors preferring high-oleic content sunflower?

We actively cooperate with the farmers and processing industry. Our main partners by processing are the transnational companies Cargill and Toepfer, and there are also domestic partners, in season 2013 we cooperate with Creative and UkrOliya.


- Will the high-oleic content sunflower production will increase in the Black Sea region, Ukraine in particular, and what will favor it?

We are confident it is the growing market. The main issue is the demand for health oil in Europe, because it is not able to satisfy the domestic demand by itself. And Ukraine could be the partner.


Interview Anna Platonova


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