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Ukraine: in 2014, the grain harvest to decrease by 9% - APK-Inform

According to estimations of APK-Inform, in the new season the general production of grains and pulses will total 57.3 mln tonnes, a decrease of 9% compared with the record harvest in 2013, which totaled 63 mln tonnes, declared Andrei Kupchenko, analyst of APK-Inform Agency, during his report at the roundtable discussion "Winter crops condition and prospects for spring crops in 2014", held in Poltava on March 27. The analyst estimated the production volume of winter grains in 2014 at the level of 21.8 mln tonnes, against 25.4 mln tonnes in 2013 (down 14%). The harvest of spring grains may reach 35.5 mln tonnes, down 6% compared with the previous year result (37.7 mln tonnes). In the coming season the average yield of grains and leguminous crops is forecasted at 3.87 t/ha, down 3% compared with 2013 (3.99 t/ha).

As for the production volume of the major grains, in 2014 the wheat harvest is forecasted at 19.3 mln tonnes with the average yield of 3.31 t/ha , barley - 6.9 mln tonnes with the average yield of 2.24 t/ha, and maize - 29 mln tonnes with the average yield of 6.18 t/ha.

The analyst named growing of prices for the resource provision as the main factor contributing to the forecast of grain production decreasing in 2014. Also, the factor will lead to some lowering of the yield, and reducing of the planted areas due exclusion of the areas located in the Crimea from the forecast balances.


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