December 10 2013, 11:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 794

Russia harvested 11.3 mln tonnes of maize

As of December 9, 2013, Russia already harvested maize for grain throughout 2.1 mln ha, or 89.1% of the harvested areas (in 2012 - 1.9 mln ha, in 2011 - 1.2 mln ha). The average yield totaled 5.29 t/ha, and the production volumes - 11.3 mln tonnes of maize, informed the press-office of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

According to Petr Chekmarev. Director of the Department of crop production, chemization and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, in 2013 maize yield broke all previous records in the history of the crop in Russia. Moreover, the harvest volumes exceeded the production in 1990 in 4 times, and up 35.8% compared with 2012 (8.2 mln tonnes).

By 2020, the planted areas under maize are expected to reach 5 mln ha, and the production - 25 mln tonnes.

Generally, as of the reporting date in 2013 the production of grains and pulses in Russia already reached 96.2 mln tonnes, and agrarians harvested grain crops throughout 95.5% of the planned areas.


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