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In 2014, Russia to provide spring field works throughout nearly 53 mln ha

Russia plans to provide spring field works in 2014 throughout the areas of nearly 53 mln ha, or 103.2% compared with 2013, including spring grains and pulses areas - 32 mln ha, or 101.6%, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on December 23.

According to the forecast, the sunflower seed areas will total 6.894 mln ha, spring rapeseed – 1.145 mln ha, soybeans - 1.612 mln ha, sugar beet - 943.9 thsd ha, potatoes - 2.185 mln ha, vegetables - 676.8 thsd ha, and fodder crops – 6.587 mln ha. In case of adverse weather conditions for hibernation of winter crops, spring crops planted areas may increase at the expense of winter crops lost areas.

According to the operative data of agricultural departments of the subjects of the Russian Federation, and the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, the planted areas of winter crops for grain and green fodder totals 14.7 mln ha throughout the whole country. In addition, winter rapeseed planted areas totals 288.1 thsd ha, winter camelina - 158.9 thsd ha.

According to Petr Chekmarev. Director of the Department of crop production, chemization and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, heavy precipitation in the Volga and Central Federal Districts in the period of winter crops planting campaign did not allow to completely hold the seasonal works in the required agronomic terms. In order to minimize the impacts and ensuring the country's demand in grains, in 2014 it is planned to compensate winter crops losses at the expense of increasing of the planted areas of spring grains and pulses, especially spring wheat and maize. Such measures will allow keeping the areas of grains and pulses at the level of 45-46 mln ha, and produce at least 95 mln tonnes of grains in terms of favorable weather conditions, he said.


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