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Russia planted spring crops throughout 2.2 mln ha

As of April 10, 2014, agrarians of Russia have already planted spring crops throughout the areas of 2.2 mln ha (4% of the forecast), an increase of 834.1 thsd ha compared with the same date of 2013. In particular, the planted areas of early grains totaled 1.5 mln ha (4.7% of the forecast), up 793.6 thsd ha compared with the same index of April 10, 2013, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that the Southern Federal District already held the planting campaign throughout 788.5 thsd ha (or 12.4% of the forecast), the North Caucasian Federal District - 346.2 thsd ha (21.3%), the Central Federal District - 847.1 thsd ha (9%), the Far Eastern Federal District – 50.2 thsd ha (3.4%), the Northwestern Federal District - 11.3 thsd ha (2.2%), the Crimea – 112.1 thsd ha (38.2%).

Agrarians planted sunflower seed throughout 175.4 thsd ha (2.5%), up 51.8 thsd ha compared with 2013.


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