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April 4, 14:28 Source: Ukrainian News Views: 104

Ukraine to attract $13 bln of credit funds in 2014

Ministry of Finance considers that to the end of this year Ukraine may receive about $ 13 bln of credit funds, according to Vitaly Lisovenko, Deputy Minister of Finance.

According to him, the Ministry is considering many of the existing programs of external financing. This year significant funds expected to be obtained by Ukraine, including the state budget. MinFin estimates the total foreign credits this year at $ 13 bln, considerably exceeding the budgeted rate of 84.15 bln UAH or $5 bln foreign credit funds foreseen this year.

Opinion of the external creditors concerning changes occurring in Ukraine is quite positive. Lisovenko notes that foreign investors are beginning to perceive Ukraine as a country that started its transition to its own open future.

Today, a lot will depend on the quality of reforms by the new Ukrainian government and the support of these changes by public.

It should be noted that the new standby IMF credit program for Ukraine will be signed in April.




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