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Ukrainian shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange up 22% after the recent fall

After reaching a new historic fall in the mid-March, during last week the Ukrainian companies index WIG Ukraine rose by 8.1% on the Warsaw Stock Exchange against the previous week decline by 1.7%.

During last week, shares of Ukrainian companies showed more rapid growth as compared to the most of the securities on the WSE.

Over the past five sessions the "blue chips" increased by 1.5% on the background of total rise of the WIG indicator by 1.6%.

Ukrainian companies’ index closed trading at 364.92 points, which is close to the maximum values of the previous week and 22.1% above the historical minimum, which was reached in the mid-March on the background of the Crimea annexation.

The most gain in the price was showed by shipping companies’ shares- KDM Shipping - by 11.3 %, the largest Ukrainian sugar producer Astarta - by 10.7 % and Kernel - by 8.6%.

If not to count the speculative securities of Sadovaya Group, Agroton, Westa and Coal Energy, only agricultural KSG Agro shares were down in price by 0.9 % on the results of last week.

Capitalization growth of other companies totaled to 4,5-7,4 %.

It should be recalled that on March 14 WIG Ukraine reached a new historic minimum of 295.17 points, just before the "referendum" in the Crimea, which was recognized neither by Ukraine nor West.

Currently on the Warsaw Stock Exchange- the shares of 13 Ukrainian companies are traded, two of which are on the alternative NewConnect market for small emitters. All the others are included in the index WIG Ukraine, launched in May 2011 (with one thousand points base).




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