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Acute shortage of Indian soybean seed this season

While the Ministry of Agriculture claims to have all contingency plans in place to beat the affect of possible lower rainfalls due to El Nino threat this monsoon season, India's largest oilseed crop faces even bigger threat of its productivity on seed supply shortage. India faces over 20% shortage of soybean seed supply this kharif season despite record high production in the last few years.

Data compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture showed that India requires 342,906 tonnes of quality hybrid soybean seeds for the 2014 kharif sowing season of which its availability stands at 273,289 tonnes resulting into shortage of 69,617 tonnes. The shortage, however, may affect India's soybean output. India's largest oilseed - soybean - is 100% kharif crop sown with the onset of monsoon season for harvesting in September - October.

A senior Agriculture Ministry official said, "There is no shortage of seed for cereals. However, availability of soybean seeds is lower by about 69,617 tonnes as compared to their requirement." In order to augment availability of soyabean seed in the country, he suggested states to take initiatives for awareness campaign, identification off arm saved seeds, use of seed planters and dibblers etc.




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