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Sorghum's global demand grows

Speaking at recent Global Grains Asia conference in Singapore, Pablo Altuna, senior grains manager with Toepfer, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, said increased Chinese demand was making sorghum more and more attractive for growers across the globe.

And Australia has a chance to extract even further premiums from the sorghum boom, as it is well positioned in the relatively small human consumption sorghum market.

Commodities manager at NZX Ron Storey said China had emerged during the 2012-13 Australian sorghum out of the blue and had taken a whopping 700,000 tonnes of product.
“This product has gone out in containers and is used to make a spirit (baijiu).”
Mr Storey said the jury was out on whether the Chinese baijiu market would continue to see Australian sorghum trading at the record levels of last year, but he said it would tighten up the feed grain market in northern Australia.

“There probably just won’t be the grain this year for that much sorghum to be exported this year, but the reports are that there is still a significant amount that is set to be exported.”




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