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EBRD in the second half of 2014 plans to issue bonds in hryvnia - Sevki Adzhuner

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Ukraine (EBRD) expects to the end of this year to issue the bonds in hryvnia on the domestic market to increase credit provision in local currency.

This was stated by Sevki Adzhuner, EBRD Director in Ukraine, during the 6th International Forum "Agribusiness in Ukraine 2014", answering the question of the National agroportal

"I hope that this decision will be made in the second half of 2014. But the exact date not known yet, "- he said.

Director of  the EBRD Operations in Ukraine said that in 2014 the bank intends to generally allocate for crediting to projects about € 1 bln, of which € 150-200 mln will be financed to the agricultural sector. At that Sevki Adzhuner could not answer whether the EBRD increase the cost of loans to farmers.

 "Obviously, it is our duty - to support agribusiness in Ukraine, because it is the driving force of the Ukrainian economy. It will draw the Ukraine from the current economic difficulties "- summed up the EBRD Director in Ukraine Mr. Adzhuner.




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