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Avangard may receive certificate for eggs delivery to Europe until the end of May - Petrashko

Agroholding Avangard can receive an export certificate for supply of eggs into Europe until the end of May 2014,- stated Igor Petrashko, Deputy General Director of Ukrlandfarming during the 6th International Forum "Agribusiness in Ukraine".

"We were close to getting a certificate for eggs in December. I think before the end of May, we can receive it. But for us, the issue is not a priority, as it is small parties within the boundaries of the quota, "- he said.

According to Petrashko, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine should start negotiations with the European side on the abolition of quotas on agricultural products.

"It is important that our Ministry work on the abolition of quotas. Only then we will be interested in supplying. Everyone says how good opening free trade zone with Europe, but why only 400 mln to the agricultural sector? It is very low volume, it limits the financial impact, the market will remain to be closed, "- he added.


* AVANGARDCO IPL is one of the leading agroindustrial companies in Ukraine, focusing on the production of shell eggs and egg products. According to the Pro-Consulting Report, AVANGARDCO IPL had a market share of approximately 33% of all shell eggs (52% of all industrially produced shell eggs) and 88% of all dry egg products produced in Ukraine in 2012. Company's production facilities are located in 14 of the 24 regions of Ukraine and also in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Agroholding Avangard listed on the London Stock Exchange.




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