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Ukrainian shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange down by another 2.5%

Ukrainian shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange down in price during three consecutive weeks, which led to a decrease in the WIG-Ukraine index for the last five trading sessions by another 2.5%.

As UNIAN correspondent in Poland reported, the Ukrainian indicator on the background of the negative dynamics of the Polish stock index closed trading on Friday at the minimal levels of last week - 332.07 points.

Polish market "blue chips" and the broad market indicator lost about 0.6%.

Last week, the shares of nine from the eleven Ukrainian companies fell in price on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Excluding speculative shares, the biggest drop recorded by KSG Agro (-4,9%) and Milkiland (-4,2%).

Two of the largest Ukrainian companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange - Kernel and Astarta capitalization decreased by 3.5% and 2.2% respectively.

Last week, as on the previous week, only IMC shares rose up 3.2%.

KDM Shipping shares quoted at the same levels.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the WIG-Ukraine index in mid-March after renewing its historical minimum at 295.17 points by the beginning of April rose by 25% and then began to decline again.

UNIAN reference.Securities of 13 companies from Ukraine are listed On the Warsaw Stock Exchange, two of them - at an alternative site for smaller issuers NewConnect. The others belong to established in May 2011 WIG-Ukraine index, launched on a base of a thousand points.




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