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USDA Published the First Forecast Grain Supply and Demand Balances for Ukraine/Russia for 2014/15

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has stated that Russia will produce 52 million tons of wheat for the 2014/15 season, keeping pace with last season.  Wheat exports for the country are expected to be 19 million tons – up from 18.2 million tons in 2013/14.  Ukraine’s wheat production is forecast to be 20 million tons – a drop of 2.23 million tons from last year, and wheat exports are expected to drop by 1 million tons to equal 8.5 million tons.  The USDA’s forecasts for Ukrainian wheat production and exports align with those of UkrAgroConsult, which estimates Ukrainian wheat production to be 19.6 million tons and exports to be 8.6 million tons.  The USDA predicts that Russia will produce 12.5 million tons of corn – up from 11.6 million tons last year, and exports are expected to remain at 3.5 million tons.  Ukrainian corn production is estimated to fall by 4.9 million tons to 26 million tons with exports forecast to fall by 3 million tons to 16 million tons.  UkrAgroConsult estimates that Ukraine will produce 24-25 million tons of corn for 2014/15, with exports of 16.7 million tons.




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