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Agroliga: Weather conditions of the current year give a good reason to expect a high yield

According to recent statement released by the company on its official website, Agroliga expects good yield due to favourable weather conditions.

Winter of this season was soft and had no negative effect on winter crops, the lack of heavy frosts gain strong shoots of winter wheat and rapeseed.

Spring is not less favorable to the to agricultural producers of the eastern region. Weather conditions allowed Agroliga group to complete spring sawing in record time. So sowing of  crops was completed in the first decade of April for all 1900 hectares planned for spring wheat and barley.

With proper attention sunflower and corn sowing which was also finalized.

This year, the sown area 2290 ha of sunflower was divided between high oleic and to drought tolerant hybrids from world leading manufacturers such as: RAGT, Syngenta, Limagrain, Pioner.

Cornwas traditionally settled on middle-hybrids with high growth potential production-RAGT.

 "One day feeds a year", the weather conditions have become for us a real gift. Thanks to early thaw we have reached the optimal temperature and humidity conditions sowing. Also we were able to spend timely top dressing Cas, that has provided a strong start to young shoots of spring crops. All our efforts will serve as a reliable foundation for future harvest and provide high gross fees» - Alexander Berdnik, Chairman of Agroliga Group.



* Аgroliga Group combines a number of dynamically developing medium-sized companies, which operate in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. This Group of Companies cultivates 7,5 thousand hectares of land in the East of Ukraine, in Dvurechansky District of Kharkov Region.

The main products of the Group of Companies: sunflower, sunflower oil, wheat and barley grain, corn, rape, buckwheat, and milk.





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