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Family farms and dairy cooperatives to receive investment from Danone

Danone company, one of the largest dairy producers in Ukraine, plans to invest  till July 2015  in the development and creation of family farms $ 1 mln
     "Till July 1, 2015 we plan to open 92 family farms. Planned investments - about $ 1 mln," -  acording to the project manager "Danone Ukraine"  Anatoliy Shatkovsky.
     According to him, 65 farms will be opened after the reconstruction, the remaining 27 will be brand-new.
       Reconstruction of a family farm (5 cows on the average) costs about $ 4 thousand, construction of newy - $ 23-25 thousand, he added.
       In addition, according to A.Shatkovskogo until the end of this year Danone to direct about UAH 500 thousand for the creation of two dairy cooperatives. One of them will be located in the Poltava region. As for second cooperative company it has not yet decided.

Currently, Danone cooperates with 18 cooperatives in five areas (Chernihiv, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Nikolaev).

Danone Group - the world leader in the production of dairy products, working in Ukraine since 1998.




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