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China to promote restructuring of seed enterprises

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has proposed to promote the restructuring of Chinese seed enterprises for further consolidation of seed enterprises such that the top 50 seed enterprises can reach a concentration ratio of above 60% by 2020, according to a recent news conference pertaining to the initiative of “promotion of seed development for national food security”. Chinese seed enterprises have for long appeared to be decentralized, yet so far the total numbers of Chinese domestic seed enterprises have dropped by 40% to 5,200 from the 8,700 of 3 years ago.

The Ministry of Agriculture also gave a briefing on China’s seed development policies, which are focused on 6 aspects including the reform of research system, protection of crop germplasm resources, etc.

The Ministry of Agriculture, together with the Ministry of Science & Technology will formulate a 5-year national fine seed development plan stressing on rice, corn, rapeseed, soy and vegetable; establish a financing system consisting of national special fund and social foundation; carry out joint R & D of fine seed to select improved varieties in support of modern agricultural development and promotion of upgrade of varieties. 

In the meantime the Ministry of Agriculture is prepared to strengthen the administration of seed market via enhanced validation of variety and protection of variety right through strict license system. On the other hand, measures will be taken to crack down variety right infringement and sales of fake and poor quality seed, serious violation cases will be punished severely. A try out on seed market order assessment and delegated business operation system is decided to be implemented, and emphasis will be laid on the seed quality traceability.

China’s seed industry reform has gone through 36 years. The publication of the Seed Law in 2000 has opened up the seed market, has promoted the reform of seed business system and has broken the past united seed business operation system run by state-owned enterprises.




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