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June 2, 17:32 Source: Interfax Views: 86

Nibulon to invest $ 40 mln in developing its own fleet in 2014

Agricultural enterprise Nibulon (Nikolaev city), one of the largest producers and exporters of grains and oilseeds, plans in 2014 to invest $ 40 mln in business development, according to the  "Interfax-Ukraine" agency report by the press service of the company.

These funds will be used for the construction of its own fleet, particularly tug-boats, non-powered vessels and grabbing cranes-manipulators. The company also is to invest in the reconstruction of a transshipment terminal in Nikolaev to increase the storage capacity.

The press service of Nibulon noted that the devaluation of the hryvnia exchange rate does not affect the investment plans of the company.

Reference. Nibulon company, founded in 1991, one of the largest operators in the grain market. Elevator capacity of the company totals over 1.7 mln tons, it has own transshipment terminal in Nikolaev.
Since 2009 the company has been realising the project of putting into operation in total of 17 elevators and river terminals, creating a fleet of 57 self-propelled and non-powered vessels (including  14 tug-boats) with a total deadweight of 200 thsnd ton .




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