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In May 2014 more than half of wheat exported from Ukraine went to African countries

According to the preliminary data obtained from sources in the Ukrainian ports, in the past 22 days of the current month, maritime export of grain and its by-products (bran) from the country amounted to 1 233.5 ths. tons, which is 19.2% less than during period of April 1 to 22, 2014 (1 527 ths. tons). The supply of corn and barley bran has dropped. Also, there was no sorghum export.

According to the preliminary data obtained from sources in the Ukrainian ports, in the past 22 days of the current month, maritime export of grain and its by-products (bran) from the country amounted to 1 233.5 ths. tons, which is 19.2% less than during period of April 1 to 22, 2014 (1 527 ths. tons). The supply of corn and barley bran has dropped. Also, there was no sorghum export.

Since the beginning of this month and through May 22, only wheat has demonstrated increase in marine export volume; there was 476.6 ths. tons of wheat exported from the country by waterways, against 314.7 ths. tons in the first twenty two days of last month.

Egypt is among leading foreign buyers of Ukrainian wheat, purchasing more than 133.6 thousand tons; Kenya was supplied with 76.4 thousand tons; and Iran imported 60 thousand tons of grain. The main transshipment volumes belong to CSP “Yuzhny” — 192 thousand tons, Odessa — 99.4 thousand tons and Ilyichyovsk port — 82.7 thousand tons. Also, in ports there are applications for export of another 81.5 thousand tons of wheat until the end of the month.

The reason for such an increase in activity of sea export is foreign trade companies which are selling stock of wheat before the beginning of new season and preparing silos for receipt of grain.

In April 2014, the marine export of wheat from Ukraine, according to revised data, totaled 522 thousand tons. Since the beginning of 2013/14MY (July -June), there was 6 605.7 ths. tons of the grain exported by waterway.




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