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Ukrainian shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange continue "post-election" growth

WIG Ukraine index on the Warsaw Stock Exchange continued to grow and rose another 6.4%, approaching its highest level since the beginning of April this year supported by hopes for stabilization of situation in Ukraine after victory of P. Poroshenko in the presidential election.

According to UNIAN correspondent in Poland, shares of Kernel, the largest Ukrainian company on the Polish stock market, became the main engine of growth, up by 11.4% during the last five sessions.

Shares of the largest Ukrainian sunflower oil producer and a major exporter of grain cost again more than PLN 30 per one - for the first time since the beginning of April ($ 1 = 3 PLN).

Illiquid securities of KDM Shipping, which in late May set a new historic low in its value, last week rose by 17.1%.

Shares of egg producer Ovostar Union rose in price last week more dynamic than others, gaining 7.4%.  The most of the other companies gained in price from 1% to 3%, except Agroton, which retained its capitalization at the previous week level, and Coal Energy cheapened by 1.5%.

Ukrainian index ended the week at 359.69 points supported by 2.2 WIG indicator increase of Polish stock market.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in the last week of May, after the victory in the first round of the extraordinary presidential elections in Ukraine of the businessman and pro-European politician Poroshenko, WIG-Ukraine jumped more than 7%, so for the first time in this year completed monthly trading on positively.

Ukrainian index, launched in May 2011 with a basis of thousand points, reached its historical minimum of about 295 points in March this year after the Crimean annexation by Russia.





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