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Polish investor ING OFE acquired substantial block of shares in Kernel

Kernel Holding S.A. informs that it has received from ING Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny the following notification regarding acquisition of shares in Kernel Holding S.A.

ING Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny acquired shares in Kernel Holding S.A., as a result of which it crossed on June 4, 2014 the threshold of 5% of the overall number of votes at the general meeting of the Company.

As of June 9, 2014 ING OFE hold amount of shares in the Company, representing 6.01% of the share capital and therefore entitling votes at the Company’s general meeting, equal to 6.01% of the total number of votes. Before the acquisition, ING OFE hold 4.91% of the share capital of the Company.





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