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June 12, 11:35 Source: UkrAgroConsult Views: 54

Ukraine. Ovostar Union will invest USD 11-12 in expansion of its production capacity

According to the presentation released by the company on Warsaw Stock Exchange, Ovostar Union is planning to invest USD 11-12 million in expansion of its production capacity in 2014. Company is planning reconstruction of Stavishanskiy Plant in Kiev region, which would allow it to increase the number of hens involved in egg production increase from 5.4 to 5.8 million, younger brood number will rise to 1.79 million from 1.66 million and parental brood will be increased from 88 to 119 thousand units. Company is also planning to install new sorting equipment in 2015. Total amount of funds that is expected to be invested by the company in its growth and development over 2014-2016 period is evaluated at USD 90 million. Total volume of laying hens is expected to reach 9 million, egg production to 2.1 billion, liquid egg products to 14 thousand tons and dried egg products to 2.2 thousand tons by the end of 2018.




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