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Cypriot company intends to acquire 60% ​​shares in two Ukrainian flour enterprises

Cypriot group of companies Elnar Holdings Limited intends to acquire at least 60% of shares of the large Ukrainian flour enterprises "Luganskmlyn" and "Lugansk Niva".

     According to a potential buyer in the disclosure of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, the company, in particular, intends to buy at least 21.6 million shares of "Luganskmlyn." Company from Cyprus is interested in buying as ordinary registered and preferred shares by purchasing them from shareholders at a bargain price. Currently Elnar Holdings Limited doesn't possess shares of "Luganskmlyn".

To obtain a controlling shares package of "Lugansk Niva», Elnar Holdings Limited plans to purchase 338.8 thousand ordinary registered and more than 14 thousand registered preferred shares. This package of shares the company intends to acquire from the Cypriot company Lugansk Zensa Ventures Limited, which at the end of 2013 owned 57.6% of shares of "Lugansk Niva". Shares of this company Elnar Holdings Limited currently doesn't possess either.

"Luganskmlyn" engaged in the production of flour, semolina, flour mixes, cookies and baked goods.

"Lugans Niva" produces more than 20 kinds of cereals, 14 kinds of flocks, 10 types of flour.


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