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Ukrainian shares on the WSE up by another 3.8% last week

WIG Ukraine index of Ukrainian companies on the Warsaw Stock Market last week increased by another 3.8%, rising to its highest level since the beginning of April this year to 370 points.

According to UNIAN correspondent in Warsaw, the "blue chips" of Kernel, increasing by more than 8%, continued to be the engine of the Ukrainian index growth like in the previous week.

Shares of Kernel last week reached the maximum of its value since the end of February this year, surpassing losses that occured after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. At the close on Friday, shares of Kernel, the largest Ukrainian company on the WSE, cost nearly 34 PLN with the maximum reached during the last five sessions - 35 PLN ($ 1 = 3 PLN).

Three of eight Ukrainian companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange finished last week with the growth: Agroton (+12,8%), Milkiland (+12,5%) and Coal Energy (+2,3).

Ovostar Union, eegs producer, lost the most in the value of its shares, down 2.7% against 0.2-0.3% minus of Astarta, IMC, KDM Shipping.

Ukrainian index, which the previous week rose by more than 6% after more than 7% growth in the first five sessions of the current month, last week increased amid the negative dynamics of the main indicators of the Polish stock market. Polish "blue chips" lost 1.2% against the 0.9% reduction in the total market WIG index.

WIG Ukraine, closed Friday at 373.51 points.
As UNIAN reported earlier, the index of Ukrainian companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange started to grow after a victory in the first round elections of the pro-European politician and businessman Peter Poroshenko in late May - amid hopes for stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

In March due to the seizure of the Crimea by Russian Federation, the Ukrainian indicator fell to less than 300 points, which was historically the lowest level since the start of the Ukrainian index in May 2011 with a base level of 1000 points.




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