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Ukraine could lose its status as a nett exporter of dairy products

Ukraine could lose its status as the country - nett exporter of dairy products, according to the expert on agricultural markets of the "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" Association (UCAB) Alina Zharko during a round table on the theme: "When Ukrainian dairy products enter the market of the EU?".

According to her, a trade war with Russia has a negative impact on our balance of trade.

"For five months in 2014, we exported 13.6 tons of cheese against 23 tons during the same period of 2013 -  the exports decreased by 41%, and a positive balance of foreign trade of dairy products - down by 31% "- said Alina Zharko.

If such a fall in dairy exports continues at the same pace, then, in the expert opinion, Ukraine could lose its status as the country -a nett exporter of dairy products.

To avoid this, it is necessary to quickly enter new markets, in particular the EU market.

She recalled that today the Ukrainian producers can supply for the European market according to quotas 8 tons of milk and condensed and non-condensed dairy cream and 1.5 thousand tons of milk powder.

As for the cheese, we don't have quotas and we can export it to an unlimited amount without fees, expert said.




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