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June 18, 16:46 Source: APK-Inform Views: 96

Subsidiaries of the Ukrainian agriholding Ukrlandfarming to place bonds on 3 billion USD

Subsidiaries of the largest Ukrainian agricultural holding Ukrlandfarming plan to place debut
bonds worth 1.97 billion USD according to news agency "Interfax-Ukraine".
According to the report, Victoria Agro-Expo LLC , Kalina agricultural LLC, im. Duhova agri LLC (all in Poltava region.), Ukr-Lan Ltd. (Donetsk region) and "Progress-Plus" LLC (Lviv region) are to place debut bonds to the sum $ 1.97 billion USD.

Also two structures of Ukrlandfarming - Agro-Elite (Dnipropetrovsk region) and agricultural private leased enterprise Berezovolutske (Poltava region) plan to place debut bonds to the total sum $ 1.03 billion USD.

Thus, the total nominal value of planned bonds of all Ukrlandfarming subsidiaries - 3 bln USD.


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