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Impact of weather conditions on the agricultural crop condition in November 2013



The average monthly air temperature throughout the major part of the country varied within the range of 5-8.5°C above zero, while in the steppe and Polesian oblasts – +2-3.5°C. In the forest-steppe, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Kirovograd and Chernihiv oblasts the index exceeded the standard level by 4-4.7°C.

The maximum air temperature in the warmest days increased to the level of +17-22°C, in Kherson oblast and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea - +23-25°C.

The minimum air temperature in the coldest nights decreased to -2-8°C, in some areas of Luhansk oblast - -11°C.

The average monthly rain capacity for November in the Crimea, southern, eastern, central (except of Vinnitsa regions) oblasts totaled 11-60% of the monthly standard level (4-25 mm). Throughout the remaining oblasts of the country the monthly precipitation formed 75-120% (35-54 mm) of the standard, in Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi and Volyn oblasts - 130-181% of the monthly level (54-76 mm). In November in separate places of Khmelnitsky oblast there were observed more than two monthly precipitation standards.

Due to transition of the average daily temperature to +5°C, in the last days of the month there was observed cessation of active vegetation of winter crops (in nearly 2 weeks later than the average terms), although in the daytime period there were still noted the vital processes of plants.

The agro-meteorological conditions for preparation of winter crops for the hibernation were satisfactory: positive air temperatures in the day and negative ones in the night contributed to hardening of the plants and accumulation of sugars. In the central, north-western and western oblasts the conditions for hardening, accumulation of nutrients and protective substances were unfavorable, due to cloudy weather with a slight diurnal amplitude of air temperature.

The condition of already sprouted crops was mainly good, in certain areas of western, central, southern oblasts and the Crimea - excellent. In a number of areas of the northern and southern oblasts the plants faced diseases, in the Crimea - pest damage to the plants.


According to data of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center



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