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Kazakhstan: wheat yield to grow in over 1.5 times by 2030

The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan expects that the average yield of wheat in the country will grow in over 1.5 times by 2030, announced Bekbergen Kerey, Deputy Director of the Department of green technologies and investments of the Ministry, on December 5.

B.Kerey reminded that Kazakhstan developed the concept of changeover to the green path of economic growth, which also concerns the country's agriculture. There is assumed a 3-time increase of labor capacity in agriculture, increasing of wheat yield to 1.4 t/ha by 2020, and 2 t/ha by 2030, said the representative of the Ministry of Environment.

Previously the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan declared that the average yield in the current year totaled 1.29 t/ha, in 2012 – 0.84 t/ha.


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