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Ukraine: until January Delta Wilmar CIS to launch the third line of the complex of tropic oils shipment and processing in Odessa oblast

Until the end of December 2013 the company-producer of fat-and-oil commodities Delta Wilmar CIS, incorporated to the transnational company Wilmar International, will launch the third line of the complex of tropic oils shipment and processing, declared the press-service of the Odessa oblast state administration on December 12.

According to the announcement, to date there are carried out balancing and adjustment operations for the complete commissioning of industrial capacities at the oil extraction plant in Yuzhny Commercial Sea Port. The third line of the complex will have the capacity of 1.2 thsd tonnes per day.

In addition, the company already launched the first line of the elevator for sunflower seed storage, and the second line of the plant for the oilseed processing, the company began accepting oilseed raw materials, and launched the workshop for oil extraction on December 7.

Delta Wilmar CIS started working on the market of Ukraine since 2006. The company owns unique for the Ukraine complex for transshipment and processing of tropical oils, production of specialized margarines and fats for the confectionery, dairy and baking industries. The complex is located in the port Yuzhny, with the processing capacity of 2100 tonnes of bulk refined oil and 750 tonnes of packaged products per day. The Singapore company of the same name and the Russian group of companies Nizhny Novgorod Fat-and-Oil Plant are the founders of Delta Wilmar CIS.


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