December 19 2013, 12:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 202

In November Russia broke a new record in refined oils production

According to official statistics data, in November 2013 Russia produced 214.4 thsd tonnes of refined vegetable oils, an increase of 1% compared with the previous record, which was observed in October 2013 - 212.7 thsd tonnes.

In particular, in the reporting month the production of specified commodities increased in the Northwestern Federal District (up 2 thsd tonnes compared with the indices of October 2013; to 8.3 thsd tonnes), the Southern District (up 1.2 thsd tonnes; to 100.6 thsd tonnes), the Siberian District (up 0.7 thsd tonnes; to 6.1 thsd tonnes) and the Ural District (up 0.2 thsd tonnes; to 5.5 thsd tonnes).

At the same time, in 4 Federal Districts the reporting indicator decreased: the Central (down 0.8 thsd tonnes; to 52.6 thsd tonnes), the North Caucasian (down 35 thsd tonnes; to 46 thsd tonnes), the Volga (down 1.1 thsd tonnes; to 39.1 thsd tonnes), and the Far Eastern (down 0.5 thsd tonnes; to 2 thsd tonnes) Districts.

Generally, during the first three months of 2013/14 MY Russia produced 592.4 thsd tonnes of refined vegetable oils, up 12% compared with the same period of the previous season.


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