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In 2013 Armenia harvested 544.2 thsd tonnes of grains - Ministry of Agriculture

In 2013 the general grain harvest in Armenia totaled 544.2 thsd tonnes, an increase of 88.1 thsd tonnes compared with last year, declared Samvel Galstyan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Armenia, on December 17.

He noted that the grain yield also increased - from the level of 2.65 t/ha in 2012, to 3.05 t/ha in the current year.

According to the Deputy Minister, in 2013 wheat harvest showed the best results - 306.6 thsd tonnes, against 243 thsd tonnes in 2012.

Generally, the planted areas under grains increased to 105 thsd ha, as opposed to 73 thsd ha in 2010, and will increase to 115-120 thsd ha in 2014. According S.Galstyan, increasing of the planted areas will cause the rise of wheat harvest to 350-360 thsd tonnes.


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