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During 11 months of 2013 Ukraine exported agricultural commodities at 15.4 bln USD – N.Prysiazhniuk

During 11 months of 2013 Ukraine exported agricultural commodities at the sum of 15.4 bln USD, including towards the countries of Asia - over 5.3 bln USD, to the EU countries - over 4 bln USD, to the CIS countries - 3.4 bln USD, declared Nikolai Prysiazhniuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on December 20.

At the same time, he noted that the Ministry of Agrarian Policy continues working out the new potential countries and regions for the supply of domestic agricultural commodities. In particular, the markets of East Asia - China, Japan, Korea – are the promising targets for the exports of Ukrainian grains, vegetable-growing products, sunflower oil, sugar, pork, beef and poultry.

The countries of Southeastern Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines) and some countries of Western and Southern Asia (Turkey, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) are also interesting from the standpoint of supply of grains, sunflower oil, sugar, beef and poultry, according to the Head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

In addition, Ukraine plans to increase the exports of wheat, maize, sugar, sunflower oil and beef to African countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Ethiopia. And the markets of the EU and CIS countries remain as traditionally important ones, summed up N.Prysiazhniuk.


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