December 25 2013, 11:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1175

Russia to increase the planted area under rapeseed for the harvest-2014

In 2014, Russia is expected to increase the planted areas of spring and winter rapeseed to 1.433 mln ha, up 6.1% compared with 2013, declared Petr Chekmarev, Director of the Department of crop production, chemization and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. Increasing of rapeseed production will allow expanding the planted areas at the expense of involving of uncultivated arable land and wasteland to the crop rotation, providing the population with more significant volumes of vegetable oils, the livestock and poultry industries – with high-quality vegetable protein, informed the press-service of the department.

According to preliminary results of 2013, the production of rapeseed in Russia is expected to reach 1.387 mln tonnes, which is the record index. In particular, the harvest of rapeseed in the Central Federal District totals 397.5 thsd tonnes (30.4%), in the North Caucasian District - 185.1 thsd tonnes (14.2%), in the Siberian District - 260.1 thsd tonnes (19.9%), in the Volga District - 134.7 thsd tonnes (10.3%).

Generally, the planted areas under winter and spring rapeseed in 2013 totaled 1.351 mln ha, up 161 thsd ha compared with 2012. In turn, the oilseed yield increased to 1.23 t/ha, against 1.06 t/ha.


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