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Russia: grain harvest in clean weight totaled over 91.3 mln tonnes

According to preliminary data of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), the general grain harvest in clean weight in Russia totaled over 91.3 mln tonnes, which corresponds to the target indicator of the State Program for 2013-2020, and up 28.8% compared with the harvest in 2012 (70.9 mln tonnes). The leading regions in the production of grains include the following ones: Krasnodar Krai - 12 mln tonnes (the record index), Stavropol Krai - 6.95 mln tonnes, Rostov oblast - 6.54 mln tonnes, Altai Krai - 4.9 mln tonnes and Voronezh oblast - 3.7 mln tonnes. In particular, Russia produced 52.07 mln tonnes of wheat with the average yield of 2.23 t/ha (in 2012 – 1.77 t/ha), declared Nikolai Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture, on December 27.

According to him, despite all difficulties, agrarians of Russia managed to reach the historical record levels for a number of agricultural crops. Russia produced the record harvest of maize for grain - 10.68 mln tonnes in clean weight, up 30.1% compared with 2012 (8.2 mln tonnes), and up over 4 times compared with 1990.

Rapeseed production became one more historical record - 1.4 mln tonnes in clean weight, up 6.8 times compared with 1990.

Also, in 2013 Russia harvested 10.2 mln tonnes of sunflower seed in clean weight, up 27.7% compared with the harvest-2012 (7.99 mln tonnes), and up 3.3 times compared with 1990 (3.42 mln tonnes).

Despite the abnormal weather conditions in the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, the soybean production totaled 1.54 mln tonnes in clean weight, down 14.6% compared with 2012 (1.8 mln tonnes - the record harvest), but up 2 times compared with the production in 1990.


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