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Russia: grain exports in January to fall to 1.2-1.4 mln tonnes - CJSC Rusagrotrans

In January 2014 Russia will reduce grain export volumes to the level of 1.2-1.4 mln tonnes, against 1.9-2 mln tonnes, which are forecasted for December 2013, declared Igor Pavensky, Deputy Director of the strategic marketing department of CJSC Rusagrotrans. According to him, the share of grain transportation by rail will increase to 42%, against 38% in December.

The expert noted that the established high domestic prices in the country adversely affect the export competitiveness of Russian grains. The decline of prices will enhance the export rates, but they will be also deterred by the possible further fall of prices on the world market, said I.Pavensky.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, on December 1-18, 2013, the general grain exports from Russia totaled 1.127 mln tonnes, including 669 thsd tonnes of wheat, 122 thsd tonnes of barley, 311 thsd tonnes of maize, and 25 thsd tonnes of other crops.

I.Pavensky said that in the current year grain imports from Kazakhstan also significantly increased.


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