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Ukraine: agrarian sector plays the important role in filling the economy with foreign currency - N.Prysiazhniuk

The agrarian sector plays the significant role in filling the Ukrainian economy with foreign currency, because during 11 months of 2013 Ukraine exported agricultural commodities at the sum of over 15.5 bln USD, or almost 25% of the general exports, declared Nikolai Prysiazhniuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on December 27.

According to him, the agricultural sector should complete the year with high indices, in order to allow to the economy to demonstrate strong results in 2013. For example, as of the beginning of the year Ukraine also sold almost 18 mln tonnes of grains on foreign markets, said the Head of the Ministry.

N.Prysiazhniuk also noted that Ukraine proved its reliability to foreign partners, therefore the supply of agricultural commodities abroad should be made on time, in order to maintain such status.


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