May 8 2014, 15:08 Source: APK-Inform Views: 812

Russia exported over 2.8 mln tonnes of wheat

In the period of January-March, 2014 Russia exported 2.82 mln tonnes of wheat and meslim, at the amount of 774.6 mln USD.

The major part of the stated volume (2.76 mln tonnes, at the amount of 760.2 mln USD) was supplied to the far abroad countries. The rest wheat (55.6 thsd tonnes, at the amount of 14.4 mln USD) was exported to the CIS.

In the first quarter of 2014, Russian wheat and meslim imports reached 139.2 thsd tonnes, at the amount of 29.4 mln USD. The CIS supplies in the imports totaled 139 thsd toones (29.2 mln USD).

At the same time, in January-March, 2014 Russia imported 44.1 thsd tonnes of barley (9.7 mln USD) and 32.5 thsd tonnes of maize (148.1 mln USD).

In the reported period the sun oil imports reached 0.4 thsd tonnes (0.6 mln USD), crude sugar – 350.8 thsd tonnes (147.6 mln USD), white sugar – 41.4 thsd tonnes (25.8 mln USD).


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