June 19 2014, 13:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1105

Large-scale Ukrainian enterprises in Sevastopol not to be nationalized

The Sevastopol enterprises, owned by large-scale businesses in Ukraine, will pass to the state-owned property in the legislative field only, declared Sergei Menyailo, Acting Governor of Sevastopol, on June 19.

According to him, the authorities will not nationalize the private property, which owners are abroad.

According to S.Menyailo, the authorities sent a letter about the future of the enterprise to Petro Poroshenko, owner of JSCO Sevastopol Marine Plant. In addition, there will be provided monitoring of the legality of privatization of JSC O.M.Gorkyi Balaklava Mine Group, which is the subsidiary of Smart Holding Group by Vadim Novinsky. The Auditing department continues monitoring OJSC Sevastopolgaz owned by Dmitry Firtash.


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