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Russia decreased the food products' imports from non CIS countries

In June, 2014 Russia decreased food products and raw-materials imports from non CIS countries by 0.5% - to 2.79 bln USD, as opposed to the rate of the previous month, declared the Federal Custom Service of Russia on July 9, 2014.

According to the data of the Service, in the reported month grains imports fall by 8.1% and totaled 20.4 mln USD. Also, Russia decreased sunflower oil supplies from non CIS countries to 82.7 mln USD (down 4.9%) and dairy products – to 162.4 mln USD (down 9%).

At the same time, sugar imports increased to 49.7 mln USD (up 3.5%), and meat and by-products – to 398.5 mln USD (up 11.1%) in June, 2014.



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