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Ukraine: planted areas decreased by 1.1%

In Ukraine, in 2014 planted areas totaled 27.3 mln ha, down 1.1% compared to the rate of 2013, declared the State Statistics Service of the country.

In particular, agricultural enterprises planted 18.9 mln ha (69.2% of the total areas), households – 8.4 mln ha (30.8%).

In 2014, in Ukraine planted areas of grains and legumes decreased by 4.7% - to 14.9 mln ha. Winter and spring wheat planted areas totaled 6.1 mln ha (down 4.3%, compared to 2013), winter and spring barley – 3.07 mln ha (down 3%), maize – 4.7 mln ha (down 3.5%).

According to the data of the Service, in the current year industrial crops' planted areas reached 8.3 mln ha, up 8% compared to the rate of 2013. In particular, sunflower planted areas increased by 3.6% - to 5.1 mln ha, sugar beet – by 19.1% to 0.33 mln ha, soybean – by 32.9% to 1.8 mln ha, at the same time winter and spring rapeseed planted areas decreased by 12.6% - to 0.88 mln ha.

According to the estimates of the Statistics Service, agrarians have already planted feed crops throughout the areas of 2.07 mln ha, down 7.6 compared to the rate of 2013.


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