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Ukraine: as of July 1, grain stocks decreased by 20% – State Statistics Service

As of July 1, 2014, agricultural enterprises (excluding small-scale ones), and grain storage and processing enterprises in Ukraine stocked 7 mln tonnes of grains (including 2.4 mln tonnes of wheat, 2.1 mln tonnes of barley, 2.2 mln tonnes of maize, 0.2 mln tonnes of rye), a decrease of 20% compared with the same date in 2013, reported the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Directly agrarian companies stored 3.8 mln tonnes of grains (down 26%).

Besides, sun seed stocks increased by 91% - to 1.5 mln tonnes. Thus, agrarian enterprises stored 0.4 mln tonnes (up 23% of the last year rate), and the grain storage and processing enterprises stocked 1.1 mln tonnes of oilseed (up 2.4. times compared with last year).



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