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Ukraine: in the first half of 2014 Nika-Tera doubled its export cargo shipment

In January-June of 2014 the sea terminal of the specialized port Nika-Tera increased export cargo shipment by 105.3% compared with the same period of 2013 - to 1.88 mln tonnes, while the import cargo shipment decreased by 26.5% - to 98.6 thsd tonnes, declared the press-service of the company on July 29.

According to the announcement, in the reporting period the general volume of cargo shipment from the terminal increased by 49.2% compared with the index for 6 months of 2013 - to 2.38 mln tonnes.

In January-June of 2014 transit cargo shipment decreased by 27.2% - to 392.4 thsd tonnes, while coastal cargo shipment increased by 15.3% - to 2.3 thsd tonnes.

According to the press-service, grain crops shipment totaled 980 thsd tonnes of the general cargo turnover, mineral fertilizers - 770.5 thsd tonnes.

Also, it is reported that in June 2014 the sea terminal Nika-Tera shipped 333.4 thsd tonnes of cargoes.


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