"Asia Grains & Oils Conference 2022 in Tashkent", Uzbekistan
Sep 14, 2022
Placement of advertising in catalog of the conference
Printed catalog

The catalog will be presented in printed and electronic formats.

Each delegate will get the printed catalog at the morning registration. It will provide information about the event, sponsors, advertisers and agenda.

The cover of the catalog contains a QR code, by which each participant can download presentations, market information in the form of infographics, business cards of companies with contact information.

Information by QR code will be available from the first day of the conference and will be updated after its completion.

A5 format, languages - Russian, English

Electronic catalog

This is an information source of market data in form of infographics and client base in form of business cards of participating companies.

This catalog is unique in comparison with the catalogs of other events due to the direct contacts of each participant of the conference.

The electronic catalog will be available via a QR code at the printed version and on a badge. The advantage of the electronic catalog is that it will not get lost among other papers and will always be in touch. In addition, the electronic catalog will be available for download along with the presentations after the conference.

Download it and own the necessary information!

Languages - Russian, English

Units: 200+

Placement of an expo place in the hall near the conference hall

The area of ​​a standard expo space is 3.6 m2 (width - 2.4 m, depth - 1.5 m).


  • participation of one company’s representative;
  • table (width 600 mm, length 1200 mm) covered with a tablecloth, 2 chairs;
  • Internet access (according to the capabilities of the lessor of conference rooms);
  • power network access.

It is allowed to use corporate banners at the expo place.

The construction of a non-standard exposition using exhibition panels or according to an individual plan is carried out after the approval of the development scheme and price.

Placement of a mobile Roll-Up stand
  • in the conference hall
  • in the lobby near the conference hall

The banner is provided by the customer.

It is possible to make a Roll-up stand provided that the order is placed and agreed no later than 30 days before the start of the event. The production cost is paid additionally according to the contractor’s price.

Demonstration of company's video

On the screens in the conference hall before the opening of the conference and during pauses between sessions

The duration of the video is no more than 2 minutes.

The video will be demonstrated 10 times during the conference


of souvenirs, promotional products of the company into the packages of participants or delivery to each delegate during registration on the day of the conference

Advertising or souvenir products are provided by the customer at his discretion, taking into account ethical norms and rules. Such products can be advertising booklets, branded pens, flash drives, calendars, notepads, cups, caps, T-shirts, bags, sweets and other products.

Branded products can be made by the organizer to order, provided that the application is submitted no later than 30 days before the start of the event.

Company advertising on the back of the badge

200+ pieces, badge size 98mm x 134mm (vertical)

Hostess from the advertising company

2 representatives of the company can work as a hostess using branded merchandise and clothing. The hostess greets visitors at the entrance to the conference area, helps answer questions from participants or find organizers to resolve the issue, can distribute promotional or souvenir products of the company, sweets, coffee, tea, etc.

All services and advertising that the company plans to use as part of this event must be agreed with the organizers and correspond to the preferences of the target audience, without violating ethical norms and rules.


Please, contact the organizing committee for ant details:

Polina Kalaida: [email protected]
+7 747 1105727 (Qazaqstan, Telegram)
+380 97 333 9729 (Viber,WhatsApp, Telegram)

Irina Ozip: [email protected]
+38 067 6342605 (Viber,Telegram, WhatsApp)


General partner
General partner of the grain session
Partner of the grain session
Exclusive partner of the oil and fat session
General sponsor
General techno sponsor
Golden sponsor
Innovation sponsor
Technology sponsor
Media support
Polina Kalaida

+38097 333 97 29 (Telegram, Viber)
+7 747 110 57 27 (WhatsApp)

Elena Cherednichenko
+38067 634 26 20 (Telegram, Viber)
+77052687510 (WhatsApp)

[email protected]

Adilkhan Sagimbaev
+7 701 588 5497 (Qazaqstan)
+7 702 853 8016 (Qazaqstan)
+998 90 903 9080
Alisher Mahmudov 
Asia Business Сonsulting
Oksana Popova
+7 775 932 3388
[email protected]