About the Agency

APK-Inform Analytic and Information Agency is a leading agribusiness consulting agency in the CIS countries.

The Agency was found in 1996 in Dnipro, where the head office is. The staff of APK-Inform includes 70 experienced specialists.

Main advantages of the Agency

We have never trade with commodities. Information is our main product!

Full cycle
of collection of primary and secondary data to ensure the reliability and timeliness of the information
www.apk-inform.com is among TOP-3 leading web sources of agricultural information in the CIS countries

25 years
on agricultural market
our database includes more than 100,000 of agricultural companies all around the world.


• Ukraine • CIS • World

Our markets

• Grains • oilseeds • by-products fruits and vegetables

Our activity

Periodicals for agribusiness

Consulting for agricultural sector

Organization of international conferences

Advertising services, media support

Organization of international conferences

Organization of international agricultural conferences has been one of the main activities of the Agency since 2002. We organized more than 250 agricultural international conferences.

Most of them have become regular. The geography of our events is quite broad and continues growing: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, USA, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain, India, etc.

The number of participants usually varies in between 150-500, depending on the topic and scale of the conference.

Consulting services

Experts of the Agency provide a wide range of consulting services on agricultural topics. Experts of our agency communicate with key market players on a daily basis, receiving first-hand information about the market development. Agency consulting services include:

  • Unique information and analytical base of agricultural enterprises. To date, the number of agricultural organizations in our database exceeds 30,000 (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan)

  • Carrying out of quantitative and qualitative researches of agricultural markets per individual enquiries (own analytical center and Call-center). Annually APK-Inform conducts 6 waves of surveys among Ukrainian farmers and about 3-4 waves of surveys in CIS.

  • Information support and consulting for subscribers and clients of the Agency

  • Farmer surveys using CATI software