Development of the Ukrainian soybean market: short and long-term forecast




During recent 10 years the annual import volumes of soybeans in Ukraine varied within the range 0.1-2.2 thsd tonnes, which formed very small volumes within scales of the market. On the reporting basis, 96-99% of the soybean total supply in the country is formed by its own production.

The forecasts of soybean exports and consumption Ukraine on the short-term (2011/12 MY) and long-term (2014/15 MY) bases are presented in the new multi-client study "The market of soybeans and by-products in Ukraine: current condition and prospects".

For example, in 2011/12 MY the soybean total supply volume in Ukraine reached the level of 2.22 mln tonnes.

Taking into account the growth of investment attractiveness of the livestock sector, meat production and consumption, and consequently, the high demand for soybeans and by-products, in both national and global scales, experts of APK-Inform Agency forecast the further growth of soybean total supply in 2014/15 MY.

The increase will take place at the expense of increased production, while the imports will experience a decline.

You can become acquainted on the forecast of planted areas and yield of soybeans in 2012, the supply and demand balances of soybeans, and the foreign trade of soybeans and by-products, price forming factors on the market of soybeans and by-products, the industry of domestic soybean processing, from the proposed study.

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