"Market for niche crops of Ukraine" - new polling of APK-Inform Agency




In 2012 the list of major annual studies, conducted by experts of APK-Inform Agency, to be supplemented with a new study, dedicated to the market of niche agricultural crops of Ukraine, who to date face relatively high demand on the world market.

First of all, we related malting barley, rye, sorghum, peas, oats, millet, buckwheat, rice, mustard seed and flaxseed to the list of the reporting crops. The polling will be conducted in the period of September-October of 2012, among 500 agricultural producers in all regions of Ukraine.

It is assumed that the results, obtained during the polling process, will not only allow estimating the potential of the current condition of the market of niche crops, but also determining the prospects of its development.

The results of the polling, and issues of profitability and advantages of growing of each of these crops are the basis of the study on the Ukrainian market of niche crops, which APK-Inform Agency plans to release in November 2012.

You can become acquainted with the study plan at the web-site of the study, or from the marketing service of the Agency: +38 0562 32 15 95, [email protected]

As a reminder, all pollings, conducted by APK-Inform Agency, are made by experienced specialists using the software SurveyAPK since 2006.