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OFI (Oils & Fats International) is proud to announce that the next OFI Turkey 2014 exhibition will be held in conjunction with APK Inform Agency on May 20-21, 2014, at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre. The OFI Turkey exhibition will


showcase key suppliers of products, services and technology to the fat-and-oil industry.

 The conference part of the event, which will take part during the exhibition process, will feature leading world-known experts, and provide the productive dialogue of the participants on the most vital issues:

 - the major issues driving the global market of oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products;

- portraits of the major global players of the industry;

- prospects for Black Sea oilseeds and vegetable oils production and exports;

- transport infrastructure developments, etc.232332

 "During many years the conference OFI, and APK-Inform Agency, already proved to be reliable and successful events. Combining these two event-monsters as OFI International and APK-Inform Agency, will significantly expand business opportunities for the participants. The target audience for the large-scale event includes technology providers, crushers, processors, traders, in short, all those involved in the fat-and-oil sector of Turkey, Europe, the CIS countries, etc. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to meet with industry leaders and discuss opportunities cooperation”, - said Ian Faux, vice president, Commodities and Coatings Group, Quartz Business Media, UK.


Note. OFI T234urkey - well-known international exhibition for more than 20 years on the technologies for oilseed crops usage for food and chemical industries. The company Oils & Fats International (OFI), the leading international magazine devoted to all aspects of the fat-and-oil industry, is the exhibition organizer. OFI is the part of Quartz Business Media, the UK.

For information concerning the conference, please contact APK-Inform Agency:

+380 562 320795

+380 56 7265272 (Ext. 160, 110)

[email protected]com, [email protected]

Christina Serebryakova or Svetlana Sinkovskaya