Ukraine: sorghum is the fastest growing segment of niche crops




During several recent years Ukraine faced a significant increase of the interest of agrarians in the production of sorghum. The range of advantages of the grain promotes development of the trend.

Thus, during recent 5 years the average yield of sorghum in Ukraine totaled 21 c/ha, which exceeds the same indices of other domestic niche grains - buckwheat, millet, peas, oats and rye.

According to the polling of APK-Inform Agency, in most cases the prime cost of sorghum production in Ukraine in 2012 varied within the range of 1500-3200 UAH/ha, the average cost was estimated at 2320 UAH/ha.

As for the profitability of production of domestic sorghum, we should note that during several recent years the index was quite high. According to the above-mentioned polling, more than half of Ukrainian agricultural producers had the profitability of sorghum growing in 2012 at the level of 10-30%.

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