Ukraine: rye yield up




To date Ukraine produces 6% of the world rye volumes, coming to the TOP-10 global producers of the grain (in 2011 – the 6th position).

While comparing rye yield in Ukraine with similar indices of other niche grain crops, it should be noted that it shows rather high level. Thus, during 2007-2011 the average yield of rye in Ukraine totaled 19.5 c/ha, while the specified index for oats totaled 17.4 c/ha, peas - 16.5 c/ha, millet - 14 c/ha, buckwheat - 7.9 c/ha.

According to the polling of agricultural producers, in 2012 the cost of rye production in Ukraine in most cases varied within the range of 1000-2600 UAH/ha, most of which was for purchasing of seeds, fertilizers and crop protecting agents.

In recent years the profitability of rye production in Ukraine was characterized by undulating dynamics. Thus, in 2006 the majority of domestic agricultural producers of had the negative profitability index for the grain production (the national average losses were estimated at 12%), whereas in 2007 the index grew - to +31.2%. In the following years, there was observed a decline of profitability, and in 2009-2010 the general production of rye again became unprofitable. Reduction of the yield of rye became one of the reasons. In 2011 the profitability of the grain growing again showed positive indices and totaled +11%.

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